Carlos Diavita, Meeting Kaombo challenges

Side by side with Kaombo

Kaombo development was sanctioned with 6 development areas spread across 800 Km2. There was much work, several meetings with the NOC and the Ministry of Petroleum before we achieved the project sanction in 2014”.

For Carlos, that was the beginning of a long path to meet all the challenges posed by the Kaombo project, especially considering the peculiar current context.

A career is a journey

During my experience with Total I have dealt with challenging assignments – for instance, Kaombo’s business approach or either the negotiation approach with contractors to have affordable prices for services due to the current context - I find it motivating to work to overcome the issues and find the better solution. It started with Kaombo Project, our first project in ultra deep offshore – over 1500 m deep, in a muddy environment with a salt layer underneath.

Working in the future

A big part of the economist role is to keep updated, both on the company’s internal context, as well as with the international and national context of the industry. In fact, “every year I am part of the team that prepares and updates the affiliate’s Long Term Plan for the next ten years, which serves as a guideline for future managing decisions. We are proud to play such a role for the leading producer in Angola.


“We did our best to achieve the sanctioning of this very challenging project, due to its complexity and innovative technology.”

Short Resume

  • September 2016 – Present

    Economist responsible for UAE and Iraque

  • May 2013 – August 2016

    Economist at Total Angola

  • 2007 – 2012

    Deputy General Manager at Promosoft

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