Arlyndo, 30 Years' Experience in Angola's Oil Industry

Throughout more than three successful decades, Arlyndo built a career that culminated with a seat on the Board of Directors and serves as a role model for the younger generations at Total.   

Bitten by the "Oil Bug"

Bitten by the "oil bug," Arlyndo traded a senior position in the public sector for an entry-level position in the oil industry. More than 30 years with the Group gave him the experience and knowledge needed to become a leading expert in the oil industry in Angola.

A Multi-Skilled Professional

Arlyndo held various positions with the Group. After starting as a drilling assistant, he rose through the ranks, successively serving as production operator, team leader, production supervisor, superintendent and head of the human resources department. He retired in 1998, after a stint on the Board of Directors of Total E&P Angola.

A Role Model with Advice for the Young

Today, nearing 80 years old, Arlyndo is seen by many as a role model. He shares his recipe for success with younger employees: "Anyone who wants to progress in their career must be honest, accommodating and modest and respect the opinion of their colleagues and their superiors.” Most importantly, they must be “very willing to learn, because no one is born knowing everything.”


"Anyone who wants to progress professionally must be honest, compliant, humble in their attitude and must respect the opinions of their colleagues and superiors.”


  • 1992-1998

    Member of the Board of Directors of Fina Petroleos de Angola

  • 1984-1999

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Fina Petroleos de Angola

  • 1980-1984

    Vice President, Operations

  • 1975-1977

    Superintendent of Operations I, II, III

  • 1965-1974

    Drilling Assistant I, Production Operator I, II, III, Team Leader (1974)

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