Dionízia, assuring the energy flow

There is a whole innovative technology behind the oil extraction. It is the flow assurance engineer who makes it flow so that the end consumer can have the refined energy. That’s exactly where a production methods engineer like Dionízia gets in.

From the study bench to the deep offshore

Trained at the Engineering Faculty of Porto University in Portugal, Dionízia holds a Master in Chemical Engineering. Total opened the doors to this young professional in 2008, when she was just leaving the university as a Production/Process Support Junior Engineer, a position held for over 3 years. “That was really a great challenge for me because I was just getting out of college and somehow I did not know what to expect and how to apply what I learnt in University into oil and gas context.

My family, my main energy source

With seasons in Angola and already two expatriations within the framework of the last innovative projects in Angola, namely CLOV, first as Flow assurance junior engineer and later on as Field engineer, and Kaombo. She had to find ways to keep up with her professional duties, while keeping up with her family demands. “It was difficult in the beginning, but nothing is hard when you are committed.” In the same way she assures the safety of the flowing wells, she cares to provide her family with the best because she believes that the success of her professional duties relies deeply in her family happiness.

Trained for success

Now, as Production Methods Engineer for Kaombo Project, Dionízia assures the future of our production with both eyes on safety, which represents the Group’s core value. Several training hours in Luanda, Paris, Oslo and Pau has helped her gather the necessary experience. From CLOV to Kaombo Project, her expertise and intent have paved her way for her promising career in search for better energy and steps forward are still to come.


“Ever since I started working, Total has trained me in order to be fully prepared for bigger challenges, which helped me a lot giving me skills and the necessary experience for the position I hold now.”

Short Resumé

  • Jul 2015 - Present

    Production methods engineer at Total in Angola

  • Sep 2014-Jul.2015

    Production support treatment engineer

  • Oct 2013- Aug 2014

    Field engineer (production technical support)

  • Sep 2011- Sep 2013

    Flow assurance junior engineer

  • Jun. 2008-Aug. 2011

    B17 process/production support junior engineer

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