03/27/2015 - Press release

Inauguration Ceremony of Social Projects in Porto Amboim

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Total E&P Angola and the authorities of Cuanza-Sul Province, will hand simulators to the National Institute of Petroleum (INP) in Sumbe and will both inaugurate three socio-economic projects in the Village of Porto Amboim on March 20-21, 2015.

Drilling and completion simulator and production simulator:

Didactic equipments to train students on industry productive processes donated in the framework of the protocol signed between Total E&P Angola and the National Institute of Petroleum in 2013.

This protocol covers a series of actions, including: offshore training programs for teachers on rigs and on Pazflor FPSO, the organization of seminars/workshops, Total E&P Angola participation to the INP Science Week and field trips for students and their teachers to Total E&P Angola’s worksites.

The socio-economic infra-structures built from scratch are the following:

Water dam constructed about 14 kilometres from the city of Porto Amboim, aimed at developing a farming and animal husbandry region.

City Market Pavilion which has a covered area with 222 countertops and 16 shops and a non-covered area with 405 countertops, totalling 627 countertops and 16 shops.

Market access road of about 1 km extended to facilitate market access.

These works are estimated at some four million US Dollars, financed by the social responsibility projects associated to the CLOV project, the first Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit ever moored in the Angolan shore.


Local content & Angolanization of Total E&P Angola

Since the beginning of its activities in Angola, Total has been committed to developing the Angolan oil industry through a technology transfer program at the same time as recruiting and supporting Total employees’ professional training. Local Content refers to a group of actions - local recruitment, training, procurement, and services – in order to develop industrial infrastructures and professional skills in countries hosting Oil & Gas projects. Total E&P Angola puts a special emphasis on the Angolanization process through training for more complex jobs with higher responsibilities to reach international standards and guarantee interactive career management.