05/29/2015 - Press release

Kaombo Project – Local Content

Total E&P Angola announced the beginning of Kaombo Project operating activities in Angola on Block 32 with more than 84,000 tons of structures and equipments to be fabricated in different shipyards throughout the country.

Contracting work will start as follow:

- 05/28/2015, the fabrication of  more than 34,000 tons of subsea structures for the Kaombo Project at Heerema shipyards, in Porto Amboim, Cuanza-Sul Province.

- 05/29/2015, the construction of two large treatment and injection modules for a total of 2,000 tons at Petromar shipyards, in Ambriz, Bengo Province. Both modules will be integrated at Paenal shipyards in Porto Amboim.

In Angola, Total is fully committed to developing the Angolan oil industry through its ambitious technology transfer plan by recruiting and training local workforce, in cooperation with Sonangol, the Concessionaire and stakeholders as directed by the Angolan Government.

Located approximately 260 km offshore from Luanda in water depths ranging from 1,400 to 1,900 meters, the Kaombo Project will develop six of the 12 discoveries already made on Block 32. The six fields (Gengibre, Gindungo, Caril, Canela, Mostarda and Louro) cover an area of 800 km2 in the central and southeast part of the block. Kaombo start-up is expected in 2017.

Total is the operator of Block 32, with a 30% stake, alongside Sonangol P&P (30%), Sonangol Sinopec International (20%), Esso Exploration and Production Angola (Overseas) Limited (15%) and Galp Energia (5%).

Local content and Angolanization

Since the beginning of its activity in Angola, Total E&P Angola aims at developing the Angolan oil industry through its ambitious technology transfer plan and by recruiting and training local workforce.

Total supports manufacturers, contractors and local suppliers to comply with the oil industry requirements and develop local capabilities without compromising Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.

Total massively recruited in the last 6 years, integrating and training teams and has its own training centre in Morro Bento, Luanda-Sul with a capacity to accommodate 80 employees. Every year Total invests more than US $15 Million in training which is key to the success of the Angolanization of our staff.