07/21/2014 - News

Total Conducts Exercise to Test Oil Spill Response

On November 13, 14 and 15, 2013, Total E&P Angola carried out the Lula full-scale exercise (FSE) to test response to large oil spills. 

Spurred by the Macondo incident in the Gulf of Mexico, Total conducted the exercise to test and assess the implementation of its emergency response plan, in accordance with its health, safety and environmental (HSE) standards.

Angola was chosen by the Group to carry out the exercise due to scale of its operations.

The scenario was a simulated blowout in a shut-in well, with oil reaching the surface. During the entire process, from preparation and implementation, Total E&P Angola benefited from the unflagging cooperation of the Angolan authorities (National Oil Spill Response Plan, the police, the navy and others), under the oversight of the Petroleum Ministry and its partners. Technical and human resources were deployed to mitigate the offshore impact and to protect wildlife in sensitive onshore areas, in particular by using a subsea dispersant injection system (SDIS) — a first for Total — as well as by monitoring and predicting the oil slick's movement.

Demonstrating the oil industry's commitment and  effective implementation of HSE policies, Total has reaffirmed our dedication to accident prevention and environmental protection.