11/29/2014 - News

Total E&P Angola signs a Cooperation Protocol with Agostinho Neto University

Total E&P Angola (TEPA) and Agostinho Neto University (UAN) signed a cooperation protocol to create a sustainable program to train and provide equipment to the teaching institution.

Regarding training, the agreement foresees: the development of scientific and pedagogical education of the UAN Faculty (Grad level); assistance and orientation in collaboration with TEPA employees and other foreign universities for the preparation of final works (Master and PhD levels), and the award of scholarships to students. Regarding equipments, the objective is to improve the laboratory capacities and train lab technicians to ensure their proper use.

Total E&P Angola General Director, Jean-Michel Lavergne, reiterated company’s vision on how “ focusing on young students training is crucial for the development of any country".

This announcement was made on November 28, 2014, at Agostinho Neto University campus in Luanda, during his lecture after the Steering Committee meeting for the partnership TOTAL-UAN.