Total is an integrated energy group with expertise in transforming and developing oil and gas. The applications are many and varied: fuels, building materials and polymers used to make automobile parts, food packaging and electronic goods. We have customers around the world so we have to adapt to changes in demand, specific regional characteristics and changes in the finished products we contribute to.  That is why we are constantly seeking to innovate and increase our operational excellence.

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    Total, a major player in refining, petrochemicals and specialty chemicals.
    Refining & Petrochemicals complex - Normandy (France).

An alchemy born of operational excellence and flexibility

With holdings in 19 refineries and 26 petrochemical sites worldwide, our Group is one of the 10 leading global operators. We meet a diverse and evolving range of requirements while also keeping costs down for our customers. We are building our presence in the four corners of the globe, and are constantly seeking to be more competitive by getting the best from our industrial facilities.

For example, we produce polypropylene and polyethylene for the Asian market at Daesan, a world-class complex in South Korea.

In Saudi Arabia, SATORP, a joint venture harnessing the know-how of Saudi Aramco and our Group, is one of the most efficient integrated platforms in the world for the transformation of crude oil into high value-added refined products.

Our Port Arthur, Texas (USA) complex allows us to get the best out of beneficial raw materials. It was modernized recently, allowing us to process heavy crude and produce low-sulfur fuels.

Be a responsible industrial player

Our challenges are industrial but also societal and environmental. The performance and flexibility of our facilities go hand in hand with an uncompromising commitment to the safety of our staff, our suppliers and local residents. For example, we are signed up to the international Responsible Care® charter and to the standard-setting practices it sets out in the fields of hygiene, health, safety, security, the environment and societal responsibility.

We are also relentlessly reducing the environmental impact of our industrial sites, for example by focusing on energy efficiency improvements at our plants. Total cut its net primary energy consumption by 7% between 2010 and 2016. In early 2016, we set a new target of an average 1% per year improvement in the energy efficiency of our facilities from 2010 to 2020, even in an increasingly complex operating environment. What’s more, since 2015, all the Group’s polymers production sites have taken part in Operation Clean Sweep®. Launched internationally by plastics trade federations, this initiative aims to prevent plastic pellet loss to the environment.

Lastly, we are innovating so that we can offer our customers more environmentally-friendly products. In particular, we want to develop biofuels and bioplastics on a large scale. The refinery at La Mède in the south of France is being converted to create the first biorefinery in the country. This industrial transformation will enable us to meet the growing demand for biofuels in Europe.