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Energy is central to many of the challenges that lie ahead, such as growing demand, climate change and scientific progress. Against this backdrop, we are all seeking to form our own opinions. That is why in 2005, Total created Planète Énergies, an educational initiative aimed at providing as many people as possible with the keys to understanding all aspects of energy. With a firm international focus and a close eye on the latest developments, Planète Énergies provides a diverse range of tools, including a website, teaching kits, lectures and a stand.

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    Conference on energy to high school students – April 2014

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    Planète Energies stand at the Paris Science Fair in October 2015 (Fête de la Science – Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie)

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    Guide des Energies (energy supply guide), a joint-publication with the publishing company PlayBac

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A unique approach

With the Planète Énergies initiative, Total is one of the only companies in the sector to raise awareness of all energy forms, including those the Group is not involved in. This educational brand is part of its commitment to promoting knowledge and is founded on three core beliefs:

  • Knowledge and research drive progress.
  • Energy is precious, so we must use it wisely.
  • Energy is central to human development.

For over ten years, the Planète Énergies team has been developing a diverse range of content and distributing it as widely as possible, in particular on the website

This site, published in English and French, offers explanations, reports, infographics and videos on the subject of energy. The educational content is accessible to all but aimed in particular at younger generations (schoolchildren aged ten to eighteen), their parents, and anyone interested in energy. Jean-François Minster, president of the Planète Énergies editorial board, reminds us of his ambition for the site: "I want to be the educational reference site for energy." (CNBC, 15/12/2015)

In its educational work, Planète Énergies emphasizes the importance of a balance between all energy sources, whether primary or secondary, old or new. The site covers all energy sources: fossil fuels, renewable energy sources like solar and wind, and nuclear.

Planète Énergies explores the history of energy through background reports produced in partnership with specialist magazines. There is also content exploring the impacts and applications of energy: daily life (the home, transportation, consumption), technological innovation, economic balances, the environment, climate change, and the development of emerging countries.

An editorial board meets twice a year to decide on the main directions and content for the site. It is made up of experts from other energy companies, academia and energy institutions, and guarantees the quality, accessibility and neutrality of the editorial content.

An increasingly diverse initiative

The Planète Énergies initiative, originally conceived as a web-based energy encyclopedia, has gradually become more diverse.

As well as content available online, Planète Énergies works directly with teachers:

  • Experts give free lectures in elementary, middle and high schools. Since 2005, 45,000 pupils have attended lectures in France. This initiative is now being exported: around one hundred pupils have already benefited in Gabon.
  • Planète Énergies is partnering with France's Ministry of Education on the Geoscience Olympics. This contest, for high school students specializing in the sciences, aims to get them thinking about geoscience-related issues.

Lastly, Planète Énergies has a presence at external public events and Total's industrial sites. A 30 m2 stand gives the public a fun opportunity to learn more about energy. The stand is presided over by a lecturer and was visited by nearly 5,000 people in 2015.

Total, through the many initiatives linked to its educational brand, Planète Énergies, is helping everyone to improve their understanding of energy.

To find out more, read the interview with Klidja Krouri, head of Planète Énergies, and Jean-François Minster, President of the Planète Énergies editorial board.

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