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Carlos, 30 years of career full of good energies

Excellence is the ticket to success

Carlos is SPS Deputy Manager[1] of the Kaombo project, in Block 32.

After working 30 years in his career, he continues to believe that the success of any activity results from the human energy that each one of us puts into the challenges of everyday life. Today, the world energy demand requires the use of alternative energies and he is proud that Angola is beginning to take the first steps in the implementation of photovoltaic solar energy projects and the investment in liquefied natural gas.

A career is a journey

For Carlos, the secret to a successful career is the energy invested in every task or duty.

According to this engineer, it is essential to give your best energy input into what you ought to fulfill and meet your objectives with knowledge, commitment, dedication, tenacity, and boldness, and do it respectfully, humbly, flexibly, with understanding. And, above all, listening. He began his studies in Angola, where he quickly distinguished himself and was selected to study at the IFP[2] in France. He spent the following years in the United Kingdom and more recently, as a Total employee, was sent to in Oslo, Norway and Pau, France as SPS Deputy Manager. This period of know-how sharing provided him with the necessary tools to better address the challenges of his current role and share among colleagues the knowledge gained during this experience. Today, he serves as SPS Deputy Manager1 and is responsible for the fabrication yards and local content man hours of the Kaombo Project, on Block 32. Carlos has an outstanding career because he spends his days producing energy: teaching and mostly learning.

The energy of the future

Carlos is proud to have worked for over 30 years at Total, one of today’s leaders in research into alternative energy sources and their use, notably photovoltaic solar energy with its participation in SunPower[3].

For him, as an engineer, discovering solutions that improve the quality of life today and for future generations while minimizing environmental impacts is the ideal scenario. Guaranteeing a medium-term or long-term energy solution, promoting job creation, improving the quality of life and social conditions, and continuing research on solutions for a sustainable organization system of the earth is beneficial for everyone. Alternative energies appear to be the response to global energy needs and benefit countries still facing great challenges in providing access to energy to all their population.

Sunshine provides energy in Angola

When one mentions solar energy use in Angola, Carlos gives a pleased smile, as this is an idea for the future in his country.

He is proud his country supports new technologies for all citizens, development and environmental protection. The idea is taking its first steps in Angola as Total and Sonangol have pioneered the implementation of such projects in the country with the project AWANGO BY TOTAL[4]. According to him, in a society in which the income largely depends on oil production and marketing, solar energy combines all the advantages, especially in a sunny region with temperatures between 20° and 30° and short periods of rain and cloudy weather. These solutions are more accessible to Angola, more effective and more sustainable since they boost economic growth as well as social and academic development among others.


[1] SPS = Subsea Production Systems

[2] IFP = Institut Français du Pétrole (French Institute of Petroleum)

[3] Read more about Total and SunPower here >>>

[4] Find out more about the project AWANGO BY TOTAL here >>>



“A successful career does not necessarily translate into reaching quickly and easily a management position but in the daily evidence of your competences in all your tasks"

Short Resume


2008 –To Present

SPS Deputy Manager, Kaombo project; Technical Authority for Safety Engineering and ITV – Total in Angola


2005 – 2008

Deputy HOOK-UP & Commissioning Manager, Block 18, (Start Up Topsides for FPSO Greater Plutonio Project) – BP


1984 – 1997

Project Manager: shutdown & turnarounds, revamping; Refinery Deputy OIM; Senior CCR operations; Field Superintendent – Total


1989 – 2002

Training: Sumbe Petroleum Institute – Angola; IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole) for Refinery Operations – France


1989 – 2002

Process chemical engineering & applied chemistry by, Aston University in Birmingham – United Kingdom; Angolan Faculty of sciences, Agostinho Neto University – Angola