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Eduardo, Local Content and Sustainable Development a long term commitment

Eduardo’s career spans 35 years and six work profiles, with over three decades at Total. The drilling engineer saved the best for last heading the Social Responsibility at Total in Angola as a commitment for life.

Growing up with Total

In 1981 with the energy, ambition and boldness usually accredited to the young people, Eduardo graduated with a degree in Petroleum and Gas Engineering in Romania (now Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, ready to tackle the labour market in an Angola facing major challenges.

Total welcomed him, supporting him from the and provided him with a fruitful and lasting mentorship.

As a young graduate, Eduardo started his career in his specialty, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, at the Drilling department at the Total Marginal site in Luanda in Luanda.

As his industry knowledge, professional and human experience increased, an ambition to do more and better settled.

A cross-disciplinary career

Drilling Engineering, Logistics, Finances, Contracts & Procurement are departments he served in throughout the years. Between those experiences, he also received training abroad. Romania, Paris and Pau in France, and Aberdeen in Scotland were destinations for this Angolan employee, eager to learn to do better. Those trips were realized at different periods in time, with different goals, in new cities with new people and processes.

After an exceptional cross-disciplinary career, he took Local Content and Sustainable Development at Total in Angola as his ultimate commitment, managing partnerships and projects that integrate Group’s position on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Honesty, humility, sincerity, dedication and determination were keys to a successful career.

A family, a career, a job, is only the result of the commitment one makes with each project proposed and accepted. The good projects he got involved in help make a better tomorrow for his country.

Sharing the same values

In his view, it was extremely beneficial to be part of a company in which corporate social responsibility policy reflects the values and ambitions of its people, and it is also rewarding to see the level of challenges the country where he grew up faces and to be part of the solutions in a globalized, competitive and unpredictable world.

Local content and Sustainable development are the most effective and efficient ways to develop a company and the country where it operates.

The commitment to coherent, specialized and enforceable projects of local content and sustainable development define the success of the company.

Total is among the leading oil producers in Angola and worldwide.

“The dedication of each man and woman is the most valuable tool to overcome adversities and life challenges”, he states.

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“The dedication of each man and woman is the most valuable tool to overcome adversities and life challenges”