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Jorge, countless challenges in such short time

Jorge handles Human Resources budget in Total in Angola.

With a still little time in the oil company, Jorge expresses surprise regarding the way he was welcomed in Total. It is with satisfaction and pride that he repeats that he was received with high challenges and very important responsibilities to the Angolan Affiliate.  In such a peculiar season to the oil industry, to manage human resources – human energy – is no longer just another responsibility task it has become a major challenge.

There is an opportunity for each one of us

Jorge has a graduation in Economics from Angola Catholic University.

He graduated in 2015, and to finish his studies he passed through one of the most exhausting periods of his life, to be worker-student. During this stage he worked in Banking by day and went to the University in the evening. The few remaining hours were dedicated to his family and to research and applying recruitment websites. As a result he was identified to Elite Careers[1] Fair 2014. Attending this recruitment event, which takes place every year in Angola, was the ticket to be chosen by Total  in Angola. Like the other candidates, he was submitted to multiple tests and interviews. His training, professional experience and skills were the guarantee to start working in one of the largest companies in the Country.

Human Energy

Total group is part of the world Top 5 for energy producers and has been adapting successfully to the distinct adversities and changes of this industry.

One of the reasons why the Group keeps its place at the podium is it human resources policy according to Jorge. Total employees are designated human energy, without them the company existence would not be possible. The importance of this resource is mirrored by the way it ensures creation, development, implementation and monitoring of jobs, training programs, career management, strategies organization and people motivation.

100 000 employees compose the human frame of one of the world largest energy producers – Total group.

Advantages of a sharper management

In an era marked by the sudden drop of the black gold value, efficiency is a challenge for all companies, no matter their size. In Total in Angola, it is up to Jorge and his colleagues from HR team to overcome the challenge of ensuring that the human resources policy is accomplished.

It is necessary to design and implement strategies and management models that substantially improve efficiency at the same time fulfilling the needs of employee’s professional development. Angola largely depends on oil industry therefore the consequences of the reality experienced by the branch in the country have a larger impact. The strategy designed for Total in Angola requires an extra level of innovation and flexibility. This reality forces the company employees to develop even more their full skills.

For Jorge it is an enormous challenge to be part of this team.


[1] Elite Careers is an external human resources company that help multinationals to localize their workforce.



"Keep believing in our values and not giving up fighting for our goals leads us to find answers, because there is an opportunity for each one of us."

Short Resume


January 2015 – To present


DRH Management Control – Total in Angola


2009 – 2014


Planning and control of management information – Angola Millennium Bank




Graduate in economics from the Catholic University of Angola