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28/03/2019 News

Startupper of the Year by Total– The winners in Angola

The 4 winners of the Startupper of the Year Challenge were announced on March 28, 2019, during the Award Ceremony Gala organized by Total E&P Angola and held at Epic Sana Hotel in Luanda.

In the 2nd Edition of the Challenge, Darryl Nequetela with the Kubinga project was the Startupper of the Year by Total. Angola 100Lixo by Anjo Fudiela got the second place and Domingos Fernando with Plataforma ONDE was third. ÊME ELE Menos Lixo by Juliana Ceita was the best project submitted by women entrepreneurs. "We still have a much more to do", said Juliana at the Gala.

The winners were applauded and congratulated by around 100 people present at the event. The State Secretary for Petroleum, José Alexandre Barroso praised Total's initiative. People present at the ceremony couldn't hide their pride for having young Angolans represented in this international contest.

1st startupper: Kubinga by Darryl Nequetela

"Accessibility and mobility in the palm of your hand" – Service rending

Kubinga is an apps intended to provide mobility freedom to society by simplying the access to transports and helping to decrease the unemployment.

2nd startupper: Angola 100Lixo

"An apps that helps people segregating litter" – Sanitation

Angola 100Lixo allows the user to tell where and when litter will be picked up while gaining points that will later be converted into bonuses in money. Litter can later on be transformed into electricity, fertilizers, clothes, etc.

3rd startupper Plataforma ONDE! by Fernando Domingos

"An apps that helps to identify addresses in Angola" – Geolocalization

Plataforma ONDE! helps to identify addresses and improving accessibility to information on public services within Angola.

Woman entrepreneur startupper: ÊME ELE Menos Lixo by Juliana Ceita

"An apps promoting sharing between solid waste producers, reutilization and recycling"

ÊME ELE Menos Lixo promotes sharing between solid waste producers, reutilization and recycling, done online by articles interchanging, purchasing, sale and giving away.